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The Financial Literacy Foundation

The FL Foundation teaches Financial Literacy to the younger generation.

The Financial Literacy Foundation is a foundation teaching financial literacy to the younger generation. Schools across the nation have “financial literacy” within their curriculum, although not successfully implemented. The FL Foundation assists schools to become more efficient and stronger with the education of finance. The Foundation focuses on 4 objectives including; Checking, Savings, Budgeting, and Investing.   The program will teach young students from 6th grade through the college years. Research consistently indicates that the most important  thing you can do is to prepare children for their financial future. We will promote

money as a reward for risk, not as payment for a job. If children’s minds are freed from the rule-based thinking about money, we are bound to have more innovation and better economy for everyone. The foundation will give students the 101 on the most basic of checking and savings account and will teach the value of budgeting paying themselves first and end the curriculum with easy steps of investing. The program will leave students with a well rounded understanding how to use money!



Saving money and not wasting it on miscellaneous expenses is very important. There are times to save while there are also times to spend. Saving money allows you to have a cushion by protecting you in a case of an emergency. The Financial Literacy tries to promote saving and investing money instead of spending. Saving money has to be taught at a early age, allowing you to practice for years to come. No matter what age, emergency funds are needed. You should save because otherwise you may not be able to afford certain large expenses, this may include a car for the students in high school. Longterm savings is very important for students to understand. This allows them to set a goal for themselves. Opening a bank account and putting your money in an saving account will allow your money to accrue interest, work towards a goal, and grow for many years to come. The Financial Literacy Foundation will promote saving and teach students necessary things such as banking statements, etc.


Budgeting is basically a mix of saving and spending, knowing when to do either one.  Allowing yourself to follow a budget allows to obtain better credit over years to come. If you have already accrued debt, budgeting allows to to pay this off.


The FInancial Literacy Foundation feels that investing is one of the most crucial pieces to the 4 subject plan. There are many ways that a student or someone of the younger generation can invest. There include the stocks, bonds, mutual funds, real estate, cars, etc. This subject is very important, yet is problem the most in depth piece. Investing is putting your money into a security, trying to get more out than you put in. We will show kids several sites such as StockPick101, TheStreet, and MainStreet as a resource to obtain more information about the stock market and various other types of investing. The stock market is what we are going to focus on the most. Every student in the schooling district should be familiar with the stock market and know the basics. We will explain what a share of a company is, stock pricing, volume, different exchanges, etc. We will show them how to set up trading accounts, and show them how to start investing in stocks on the exchange.

How The FL Foundation Teaches

When teaching students at various school districts, our main teaching utility will be through a powerpoint. This powerpoint can be found on our website, ( and will be shown and gone through when presenting. Another way we are going to teach these students is through a one vs. one confutation between the student and a board member at The Financial Literacy Foundation. By doing this, they can really get a hands on experience of financial literacy and ask any questions they have. We will make sure to let the students know that our website can be used as an fantastic source for any financial information. By going to our website, they can view articles written by board members, different financial quotes, investment tips, stock information, etc. Finally, we will ensure to the students that we as a team are there for them. We are a resources and if they need to contact us for any reason, we can be reached by going onto our website, and clicking under the “Contact Page”.

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