Stock Pick 101
AA  31.34   +0.65        AXP  71.72   +0.18        BA  149.52   +2.50        BAC  20.30   -0.03        CAT  93.62   +0.72        CSCO  29.89   -0.16        CVX  110.62   +0.44        DD  70.91   +0.84        DIS  97.71   +0.08        GE  31.18   +0.31        HD  130.98   +2.76        HPQ  15.95   -0.05        IBM  162.67   -0.10        INTC  35.48   +0.50        JNJ  112.74   -2.26        JPM  78.53   +0.48        KO  41.37   +0.01        MCD  119.69   +0.19        MMM  171.91   +0.39        MRK  61.70   -0.60        MSFT  61.12   +0.26        PFE  31.33   -0.24        PG  82.76   +0.12        T  38.55   +0.81        TRV  112.40   +0.56        UNH  152.26   +1.85        UTX  106.94   +0.09        VZ  49.49   +1.18        WMT  70.12   +0.75        XOM  86.68   +0.19        

Hot Stocks – Week of 4/8/2013


Penny Stocks

(BOPO) BioPower Operations Corporation- A renewable energy company, focusing on growing biomass energy crops, in which include biomass feedstock to convert into electricity and biofuels. We think that this stock has a huge potential for long term growth.

(BIOR) BioDrain Medical, Inc.- This company is involved in the medical field providing machines which automatically measure and record volume before it disposes the fluid directly into a facility’s plumbing system. This product is essential for hospitals and will be very popular in the future.

(CCGI) Car Charging Group, Inc.- As we all know, everyone is trying to go green. Car Charging Group, Inc. installs electric charging services where EV owners live. The convert from gas to electric is getting more popular and this company will follow in the trend.


(SIRI) Sirius XM Radio Inc.- The company is found throughout cars of America. Sirius XM Radio produces channels and channel of music and talk show radio. In the future, this company will include satellite T.V. That is why are long this stock in our portfolios.

(VLO) Valero Energy Corporation- Valero is the worlds largest independent petroleum refiner and marketer. They include refining, renewable resources, retail stores and gas stations. This is a BUY BUY BUY and by looking at their finances, look like the financial future is set.

(SVU) SUPERVALUE Inc.- Leading in the grocery retailing industry, Super Value grocery and pharmacy company serve a wide range of customers throughout the nation. (SVU) is hugely underestimated and reflects on their stock price. We feel as if this company has a huge potential to grow and will do in the future.

(JOE) The St. Joe Company- The St. Joe Company is one of Florida’s largest real estate development companies and Northwest Florida’s largest private landowner. Once the real estate market starts to go up again, St. Joe Company will reach huge profits and take the stock up with it.

(FB) Facebook, Inc.- Many say that Facebook is bad news, but they also said that about (APPL)Apple once they went public. Facebook Inc. is a social website were people share their interests and likes. We feel that they have a huge user demand and that their services have a huge impact on society. Advertisements will sky rocket ounce they obtain a stationary plan of action.

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