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The Life Of Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs; many know him as the creator of Apple, one of the fastest growing technology companies in the world.  I call Steve Jobs a man on a mission.  A brilliant inventor, Entrepreneur, and speaker.  At such a young age Steve accomplished many things most of us wish we could even think of.  Many people assume they know the real Steve Jobs but very few do.  He’s a man of wisdom and great knowledge.  I believe the one key thing that made him so successful wasn’t his knowledge or college education.  It was his eagerness to be great.  He didn’t want be that normal guy working a nine to five job; he aspired to be so much more.  He was quite a remarkable man with many gifts, and talents.  He was truly someone who gave everything he has to the world before his passing.

First many people believe Steve came from a wealthy family.  The truth is his parents were average middle class working people that lived in Cupertino California.  Steve was adopted as a little baby.  His biological mother was very young still a teenager and was not yet ready to raise her son.  But she has some very unusual request when having this adoption carried out.  His mother wanted Steve to be adopted by two parents who attend college, and also would make Steve attend college as well.  His adoptive parents were not college graduates and his biological mother signed the papers anyway.  She knew Steve was in good hands and would be attending college in his later years with his adoptive parents promise.

Steve Jobs mother was an accountant and his father was a mechanic and carpenter.  That’s where his love for electronics began, in his parent’s garage.  Steve attended Homestead High School in his hometown Cupertino California.  Later he became friends with Steve Wozniak also the co founder of Apple.  In 1969 Wozniak began build computer boards in his garage and was a pro at taking a computer apart and assembling it back together.  After Steve graduated in 1972 he enrolled in Reed College in Portland Oregon.  Paul and Clara Steve’s biological parents spent every last penny in there saving to send Steve to Reed, which was a very expensive college to attend.  Since Steve was not in school he began to work and build more computer boards.  Wonziak and Steve spent hours building electronic boards for the computer they were planning to create.

Later in 1974 Steve took a job as a video designer under a guy named Atari.  Later he left Atari and took a trip to India and began to experiment with psychedelic drugs, not just in India but other continents as well.  At the age of twenty one Wonziak and him started Apple computers.  Apple was known for making the machines smaller and more intuitive.  They began to sell the computers at $666.66 each.  That year the company earned around $774,000.  Three years later the Apple II came out.  With the help of venture capitalist to give the capital to build another model of computers Apple did $139 million dollars in sales.  In 1980 Apple became a public name and had a market value for around $1.2 billion dollars.  John Sculley of Pepsi became the new president of

Apple to help with the stock market and thee day-to-day operations.  In 1984 Apple struggle with design flaws and problems with the computer.  1985 Steve left apple and began to invest in this company called NEXT.  He also in invested with Pixar from Disney.

Steve still remained the head of Apple or the so-called face of the company.  In 1996 Apple bought Next for around $496 million dollars.  Later Jobs returned to head post as CEO of Apple.  Year later in 2003 jobs discovered a tumor in his body.  Apple continued to well for many years to come.  There stocks sold at $199.99 per share.  The company continued to grow with their sleek and amazing designs along with their new products.  In 2011 Apples CEO Steve jobs was announced dead in early October.  He battled pancreatic cancer for over a decade.  Some call him a genius others just look at him as another inventor who created something amazing.  At the end of his accomplishments I believed he left a great legacy and a product that will continue to grow and become more helpful to the consumers as technology advance.  Steve Jobs net worth was around $ 10.2 billion dollars before he died.  Apple is currently worth around $185 billion dollars.  With hard work, a good business plan, money, and a lot of drive anything is possible.

-Blaine Foreman (Fidelity Intern) 

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