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AA  31.34   +0.65        AXP  71.72   +0.18        BA  149.52   +2.50        BAC  20.30   -0.03        CAT  93.62   +0.72        CSCO  29.89   -0.16        CVX  110.62   +0.44        DD  70.91   +0.84        DIS  97.71   +0.08        GE  31.18   +0.31        HD  130.98   +2.76        HPQ  15.95   -0.05        IBM  162.67   -0.10        INTC  35.48   +0.50        JNJ  112.74   -2.26        JPM  78.53   +0.48        KO  41.37   +0.01        MCD  119.69   +0.19        MMM  171.91   +0.39        MRK  61.70   -0.60        MSFT  61.12   +0.26        PFE  31.33   -0.24        PG  82.76   +0.12        T  38.55   +0.81        TRV  112.40   +0.56        UNH  152.26   +1.85        UTX  106.94   +0.09        VZ  49.49   +1.18        WMT  70.12   +0.75        XOM  86.68   +0.19        

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  • gift-to-boss

    Holiday Presents for the Boss? Here’s When and What to Give

    Just because your boss kept you employed all year doesn’t mean you have to give him or her a holiday present. Here’s a look at whether a gift for your boss is warranted and what’s appropriate to...

    • Posted 826 days ago
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  • Shoppers1

    Consumers Optimistic About Economy and Spend More

    Buoyed by gains in the stock market and low interest rates,  consumers remain optimistic about the economy and have boosted their spending. Revolving debt or credit card balances in September rose by 2% according to the Federal...

    • Posted 857 days ago
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  • Showhome-Front-Exterior

    Inside The Real Estate Development Sector

    -Max Levin Since the market bubble in 2008 the U.S. real estate economy has steadily been recovering. Real Estate prices have dramatically increased, vacant and rundown building’s have been revamped, and most of all, consumer confidence has once again been regained. As the...

    • Posted 878 days ago
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  • second-run-1040cs051612

    Streaming Media Vs. Theaters

    -Max Levin In the mid 1970‘s, there were tens of thousands of arcades across the country.  When the home gaming system rose to power in the late 70’s, arcades began to loose the battle of market share,...

    • Posted 883 days ago
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  • a-tiny-island-in-the-maldives-is-the-new-most-exclusive-vacation-spot-for-the-ultra-rich

    Science Behind The Summer Slumps

    -Max Levin The summer is a more lax time of the year were the market isn’t as volatile, and investors aren’t on their “A game” so to speak. Where most of the Wall Street tycoons are worried...

    • Posted 964 days ago
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  • Stock_Exchange_KeithMoreau_8463 (3)

    Be Resolute To Make Money This Year

    -Max Levin   Everyone makes new years resolutions whether it be eating healthy, losing weight, or simply just being an all around better person. On investment and monetary terms, lets make some money this year! There are...

    • Posted 1153 days ago
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  • i2SzP-1.St.81

    Happy Holidays From The Corporations

    -Max Levin Companies globally are ready to cash in for the upcoming holidays. The months ahead are prime territory for these retail companies revenue, either hitting black or missing and falling into the red. Due to the...

    • Posted 1213 days ago
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  • Shopping time

    Cyber Monday Investments

    -Max Levin Starting in 2005 by, Cyber Monday has been growing in size and popularity ever since. This “holiday” is essentially a Black Friday, yet online, forcing the prices even lower due to the lack of...

    • Posted 1222 days ago
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  • anderson

    Sports and Stocks: Two Worlds Collide

    -Kyle Kowal The worlds of sports and investing have collided in quite an interesting manner, through the brand new trading platform called, “Fantex.”  As the official website states, Fantex is an all-new marketplace where you can buy...

    • Posted 1225 days ago
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  • 0709_sb_smallbank_630x420

    Buy These Small Cap Banks

    -Max Levin Small banks with limited capital and utilities are found throughout the country. Because of the large overhead, lack of locations, employees, exposure, and business the bank produces, these small family owned companies are falling rapidly....

    • Posted 1336 days ago
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