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AA  31.34   +0.65        AXP  71.72   +0.18        BA  149.52   +2.50        BAC  20.30   -0.03        CAT  93.62   +0.72        CSCO  29.89   -0.16        CVX  110.62   +0.44        DD  70.91   +0.84        DIS  97.71   +0.08        GE  31.18   +0.31        HD  130.98   +2.76        HPQ  15.95   -0.05        IBM  162.67   -0.10        INTC  35.48   +0.50        JNJ  112.74   -2.26        JPM  78.53   +0.48        KO  41.37   +0.01        MCD  119.69   +0.19        MMM  171.91   +0.39        MRK  61.70   -0.60        MSFT  61.12   +0.26        PFE  31.33   -0.24        PG  82.76   +0.12        T  38.55   +0.81        TRV  112.40   +0.56        UNH  152.26   +1.85        UTX  106.94   +0.09        VZ  49.49   +1.18        WMT  70.12   +0.75        XOM  86.68   +0.19        

Latest Entrepreneurship

  • Steve Jobs

    The Life Of Steve Jobs

    Steve Jobs; many know him as the creator of Apple, one of the fastest growing technology companies in the world.  I call Steve Jobs a man on a mission.  A brilliant inventor, Entrepreneur, and speaker.  At such...

    • Posted 838 days ago
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  • Advisers-College-Debt-Graduates-Student-Loans

    The College Debt Bubble

    Our nation has a 1 trillion dollar student college debt bubble. In todays society, college is a necessity. It is more or less “rare” to come across an individual who only received a high school diploma. In...

    • Posted 845 days ago
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  • TaxReady

    The 101 Behind The Flat Tax Debate

    One of the busiest times of the year is around the corner…tax season. Since the 16th Amendment was established in 1913, Americans have been paying a Federal Income Tax to the government every year. The tax is...

    • Posted 874 days ago
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  • Trends

    The Importance of Trading Journals

    -Max LevinMost private investors use a trading journal to keep track of their holdings, profits/losses and past trades. These journals don’t have to have complex quadratic equations, but rather a simple chart or Excel spreadsheet. I personally...

    • Posted 932 days ago
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  • executive-presence

    Investing in Your Own Company’s Stock?

    NEW YORK (MainStreet)—Buying stock of your company appears to be a logical and easy choice to boost your investment portfolio, but it can be a risky proposition. Financial planners advise that you limit your exposure and keep...

    • Posted 1046 days ago
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  • ksc-314d-0075_0022a

    Invest In Groundbreaking Technology

    -Max Levin The technology sector is an inevitable investment due to the dependency of this market to the average person. As technology evolves, it becomes more convenient to the consumers, and eventually cheaper as new ways of making...

    • Posted 1050 days ago
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  • FA

    Financial Literacy Could Be Our Nation’s Greatest Asset

    -Max Levin Approximately 66% of Americans consider themselves knowledgable in the field of finance, yet people within the age of 18-24 spend on average 30% of their income on debt related payments. More than 43% of American...

    • Posted 1125 days ago
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  • 265676_1247185923315_full-1

    Sound Smart at Company Parties

    -Max Levin The holly jolly holidays are finally around the corner, which means a couple things are fast approaching: presents, joy and (duhn, duhn, duhn)…company parties. Often these types of events are tacitly mandatory and can either...

    • Posted 1223 days ago
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  • scientistsBIG

    Tips and Tricks for the Young Investor

    -Max Levin For any young or new investor it is very hard to learn the gist of the stock market and start making money right away. Learning different techniques and having experience in the field will only...

    • Posted 1271 days ago
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  • green-energy1

    This is the Secret to Investing like a Teenager

    -Max Levin As a teen investor myself, I encourage other young investors to make certain decisions: stocks to buy, stocks to sell, sectors that they should be invested in, diversification strategies. The younger generation is the future...

    • Posted 1300 days ago
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