Stock Pick 101
AA  31.34   +0.65        AXP  71.72   +0.18        BA  149.52   +2.50        BAC  20.30   -0.03        CAT  93.62   +0.72        CSCO  29.89   -0.16        CVX  110.62   +0.44        DD  70.91   +0.84        DIS  97.71   +0.08        GE  31.18   +0.31        HD  130.98   +2.76        HPQ  15.95   -0.05        IBM  162.67   -0.10        INTC  35.48   +0.50        JNJ  112.74   -2.26        JPM  78.53   +0.48        KO  41.37   +0.01        MCD  119.69   +0.19        MMM  171.91   +0.39        MRK  61.70   -0.60        MSFT  61.12   +0.26        PFE  31.33   -0.24        PG  82.76   +0.12        T  38.55   +0.81        TRV  112.40   +0.56        UNH  152.26   +1.85        UTX  106.94   +0.09        VZ  49.49   +1.18        WMT  70.12   +0.75        XOM  86.68   +0.19        
  • 2013_aia_housing_awards-17
    It’s a Good Time to Become a Landlord, Get That Passive Income Rolling In

    This is a good time to change your life and buy a rental property. Nobody is saying being a landlord is easy, what with late-night calls about bursting pipes or the police being at your house to break...

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  • Advisers-College-Debt-Graduates-Student-Loans
    The College Debt Bubble

    Our nation has a 1 trillion dollar student college debt bubble. In todays society, college is a necessity. It is more or less “rare” to come across an individual who only received a high school diploma. In...

    • Posted 845 days ago
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  • TaxReady
    The 101 Behind The Flat Tax Debate

    One of the busiest times of the year is around the corner…tax season. Since the 16th Amendment was established in 1913, Americans have been paying a Federal Income Tax to the government every year. The tax is...

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  • freemoney2
    3 Reasons To Buy Stocks With Dividends

    -Max Levin A longterm investment is a position used by investors who are predicting the market and the sectors performance. This is a technique used by the average “joe” to the top hedge fund advisors. Whether you...

    • Posted 966 days ago
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  • red_peppers
    Hot Mutual Funds

    -Max Levin Mutual funds are great investments for the younger generation and the new investor because of the diversity it supplies throughout your portfolio. Given that we are generally looking at our investments on a long term scale,...

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  • investing-mind
    Why it Pays to Start Investing Young

    When investing in a stock, whether long or short term, you want to make sure that you know what the company does and how you think it will perform in the current economic state. Always invest in...

    • Posted 1401 days ago
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  • I-see-the-world-Clar@bell-Flickr-4150642117_b08d48e8de_o
    To See Again (Advanced Cell Technology, Inc)

      -Joey Caruso Wouldn’t it be great to be able to see perfectly again! There are millions of people in the world that would give anything to see with their eyes as they did before their eyesight...

    • Posted 1410 days ago
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  • greenmoney
    A Catalyst for Cleantech

    -Alexander Goldfarb Silver Spring Networks (NYSE:SSNI) is a leader in smart grid technology. They provide a variety of innovative products including metering devices, in-home devices, and network infrastructure that are all integrated with the Silver Spring Smart...

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  • max-levin-young-investor
    The Young Investor

    - Max Levin At the young age of eleven, I started watching and investing in the stock market. I was originally introduced to the market by my grandfather, who was retired with a lot of time on...

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  • bigstock-Blue-Stock-Market-World
    Hot Stocks – Week of 4/8/2013

    Penny Stocks (BOPO) BioPower Operations Corporation- A renewable energy company, focusing on growing biomass energy crops, in which include biomass feedstock to convert into electricity and biofuels. We think that this stock has a huge potential for...

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